Established in 1933, the Perlman-Stoy School of Ballet has proudly brought the love of dance to students in the Columbia and Mid-Missouri areas for over 80 years. Formally known as the Halcyone Ewalt Perlman School of Ballet, the school has been led by Halcyone Ewalt Perlman, daughter of the school’s founders, since 1967. Nancy Stoy joined the school as a teacher in 1986.

We are currently enrolling for the 2018 fall semester starting September 4th.  Students may start classes mid semester at the instructors discretion.  


Our philosophy

Here at the Perlman-Stoy School of Ballet, our goal is to inspire, educate and share the beauty and joy of movement with our students. We maintain a positive learning environment where students receive individual support and guidance. 


Through training, our students develop the strength and flexibility they need for excellent dance technique.  Musicality and performance skills are also developed. Our instruction is guided by an overall goal to help our students become confident and self-aware dancers. We always emphasize both the physical and emotional well-being of our students throughout their development as dancers. 

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Classes and prices

We offer 7 levels of classes for dancers of all ages and experience levels. At more advanced levels, students have the opportunity to participate in the performance wing of the school, the 

Mid-Missouri Dance Theatre.


Prices (per 16 week semester):

  1. class per week: $288.00
  2. classes per week: $532.80
  3. classes per week: $740.88
  4. classes per week: $922.75
  5. classes per week: $1,068.09

Private lessons are $70 per lesson.

There are occasional extra fees for concerts, rehearsals, and costumes.

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