Ballet for students of all levels in Columbia


Pre-ballet and children's level


Our pre-ballet lessons provide an expressive and enjoyable introduction to dance for children ages 3-6. Through this weekly series of engaging exercises, we help the children develop mind and muscle memory and build a foundation of proper dance technique. In this level we emphasize body awareness and control with exercises designed to stretch and strengthen young dancers’ bodies.


Children's level

This level is generally for students 7-10 years of age, who are ready to begin formal ballet training. In this level we focus on developing dance skills and coordination through music and movement, reinforcing and building on the basic fundamentals. Students in our children’s level develop balance, strength, and control and are taught the simultaneous importance of joyful and correct movement.


Elementary to advanced levels


For pre-teen students around ages 11-13, this level provides a framework for a deeper study of ballet. In this level we focus on developing ballet technique, as well as performance and musical skills.


This level is generally for students age 14-16, who have already studied dance for several years. In this level, students are challenged to build strength and flexibility while mastering more complicated exercises at the barre and in the center. At this level, we also begin to place more emphasis on artistry, fluidity of movement, and musicality.


This level is usually for high school students and pre-professional or professional dancers. In these lessons we work to refine the strength and articulation of the feet, arms, head and torso. We go deeper into musicality, line, phrasing and artistry.

Pointe and adult classes


We teach every level of pointe from beginning to professional. This class is usually introduced when a dancer is between 11 and 13 years of age. We approach this level carefully and with great attention to each individual dancer as we help them to build strength and maintain correct alignment on pointe. 

Adult ballet

Our adult ballet classes offer something for every age group, from young adults to more experienced dancers. Our beginner classes cover the very basics of ballet and are designed for students with no previous dance background. For dancers who do have some former training and wish to return to ballet, a more advanced class is also available. 

Adult Stretching

Our adult stretching classes help to teach proper technique.  Stretching can help you stay limber and also help to prevent injury.  To learn more about our stretching class, give us a call today!


1 Class per Week, for a Semester (16 weeks) = $288.00

2 Classes per Week, for a Semester (16 weeks) = $532.80

3 Classes per Week, for a Semester (16 weeks) = $740.88

4 Classes per Week, for a Semester (16 weeks) = $922.75

5 Classes per Week, for a Semester (16 weeks) = $1,068.09

Private Lessons are $70 per Lesson

** Students will rarely incur any extra fees for concerts, rehearsals, or costumes. **